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I just found this on the guardian website and I thought I share it with you, I think the guy is trying to tell about the importance of content compared to design but he does it wrong by blaming the designers.


Part of the article:

“Well, the process was indeed like that once – a very long time ago. In the beginning, webpages were simple pages of text marked up with some tags that would enable a browser to display them correctly. But that meant that the browser, not the designer, controlled how a page would look to the user, and there’s nothing that infuriates designers more than having someone (or something) determine the appearance of their work. So they embarked on a long, vigorous and ultimately successful campaign to exert the same kind of detailed control over the appearance of webpages as they did on their print counterparts – right down to the last pixel.”

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I wouldn’t be worried about some old bloke crying about the fact web sites, content appearance and the way is displayed changes faster than he can read. Design has a function and purpose – it have to make you do something or absorb some information. And they are standards – you all know that. If he can’t understand the fact the internet and computers speed constantly increasing – that’s he’s XX century world problem.

Keep up good work.

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The old bloke linked to this site saying: “it’s highly functional”. Right… Just click the link below and count for yourself how many god damn seconds it will take you to even find out what that site is all about and how it communicates to you as a reader:


Sorry but this is not about design or simple aesthetics, the old bloke clearly lives in his own slow world and tries to infect us with it through the Guardian.

EDIT : LOL, he also said this about the Norvig site at the end of the article:

“And it’s as easy to navigate as anything produced by a web-design agency for £100,000 plus an annual service contract.”

What a troll…

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I don’t blame him for not understanding what design does and stands for, I blame him for criticizing something he doesn’t understand. It’s like if cavemen criticized modern architects for making complex buildings instead of caves.

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The author that wrote that article has simply argued his view in a wrong way. His example was his downside for sure… :P

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