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I’m having quadro4000 and I’m very pleased with the way it works
I am with that one. Very pleasing results.

Yeap, same here.

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I heard people saying Quadro cards are not very good for games but they definitely WIN in 3D Rendering or similar stuffs.

More over many quadro card’s specs are same as Geforce 400 series. (like memory interface width and clock rate). Most of its true power is harnessed by the drivers provided along. Also the entry level quadros itself are twice the price of mid-range geforce cards. (Looks to me like some kind of marketing tactics.)

But anyhow, Since I also play games and render. I had to stick towards geforce series and it looks wiser to me. :)

I also believe that we should start a thread and dedicate it to discuss all the pros and cons of each video cards and its benchmarks.