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wetwilly92 says

I’ve got everything working the way I’d like it, gravatar wise, except for one little thing that’s been bugging me.

I’m wonder if it is at all possible to include a file (let’s say Gravatars.png) and we wanted that to be our default image. if it possible to call that as the default without having the user upload the image and giving a direct URL ?

I’ve tried <?php gravatar( ‘default=/images/gravatar.png’ ) ; ?>

And it seems to do diddly. Normally, in a situation like this, I’d use <?php bloginfo(‘template_directory’ ) ; ?>/images/gravatar.png, but, unless I’m mistaken you can’t do the following

<?php gravatar( “http://www.”.bloginfo(‘template_directory’ ) .”/images/gravatar.png” ) ; ?>

Anyone know of a solution?,


Edit: Ahh! Smilies everywhere!.. Added Spaces in-between “problem areas” of code.

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danharper says

From the WordPress Codex:

<?php echo get_avatar( $comment, $size = ‘80’, $default = ‘<path_to_ur?>’ ); ?>

If that doesn’t work, try replacing $comment with $id_or_email.