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joiaco says

wonderful work Jo, must have been very hard! How did you painted it?

Thanks Giallo, Actually it wasn’t too difficult. First i made a shape of tracing paper the size of the guitar, then sat in front of the computer and roughly drew in the shapes from a few photo refs. If you google ‘Monterey Strat + guitar’ you will see the limit of what i had to work from. That part took the longest. Then i sprayed the red and cream and the transferred the drawing from my trace. Then i drew the black design with cokey pen and painted it over with black oil paint. After than i painted in the blue shapes, and did another black layer over the lines. Finally i did the red, and a last touch up with black.

Glad you like. I think this might be used as future reference for more copies actually, because it is very close to the original except much more ‘finished’. I think the original was done with a thick permanent marker.

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MSFX Moderator says

really cool, great job

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guitarsstate says

Love it! Awesome work ;)