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One reviewer has hard rejected 2 or 3 of my uploads that were soft-rejected by other reviewers. I understand an item may need improvements and items may not be ready yet for accepting but why hard reject a soft rejected item? And this is after making changes too, if the item hasn’t been improved why don’t you just say so and soft-reject again?

As an author this is really annoying because you have one reviewer saying something, another saying something else, and you have to upload all over again…

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Yes, I had a similar experience with 2 of my logos.

They were both soft rejected by one reviewer that told me to work on the typography, which I did. So I sent it again and it got soft rejected by another reviewer asking to make other changes happen that had nothing to do with the typography anymore..

So I just cancelled these items and will come with new ones.. :P

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I had the same experience… & there is a new “Too Similar” rejection template born :( I am tired of this, i tried lot to create unique designs but…

Why too similar items get Soft rejected? If there are any too similar (not similar, TOO similar) items, that should be hard rejected.. Its such a new pain by the review system… :(