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ShermanJackson says

Sorry! I forgot the rules about an ALL CAPS TITLE, please remove. :):):):)

So, I have a series of actions and one amongst the series of 5 actions (Insta Vintage 1 2 3 4 5)

No. 4 has been rejected and here’s the reason, any help

Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your submission. In order to maintain a library that is orderly and browsing-friendly, GraphicRiver’s policy on variations allows up to three files or file packs based on the same source material or central concept. We highly encourage authors with multiple variations to package their concepts into file packs. For guidelines on creating file packs, please see the limitations here: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/294/53/file-packs-graphicriver

I am not allowed to include a 4th version it seems? The knowledge-base doesn’t include actions.

Also, If the’ve rejected it because I can only have up to 3 per pack, then I would have preferred a soft rejection where I COULD HAVE CHANGED THE NAME and it could have been considered a different action.

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mrcharlesbrown says

Hi Sherman, your actions are amazing and also the Reviewer is very right. If the Vol. 4 has the same rendering pattern and similar result with the rest of the 3, you should do a workaround for the 4 and change many things. You should also change the name of the file.

Actually, you can have Vol. 4 (of a particular series) if and only if the rendering pattern is different from the rest of the 3 early packages and it achieves a whole different effect but still share the same concept with the other volumes.

If you need help what-so-ever for modifying your Vol. 4 to stand out from the early 3 items, you can feel free to message.

Good luck buddy!