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parklife76 says

I’m looking for a theme for a clothes making business that allows you to select the material and the style of dress, then takes you through the payment process, address etc culminating is pinging the dress maker all the details.

An example can be seen here, although you can’t change the style of dress, only the fabric: http://www.ilovebreadandjam.com/

many thanks for any help

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parallax2025 says

hello parklife76, it sounds like what you’re describing is two layered swatch selector (fabric and size could be another example of the same thing). I know that Magento is quite capable of handling a process like this, so it depends did you want to build it in a specific cms/platform?

If you need help coding this feel free to send me a note as I am available for work.

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PaddyTaylor says

Hi, what you see in that demo is not massively complicated to achieve but it is quite a custom feature and I think you would be very lucky to see it in any pre built theme.
there are plenty of good designers and developers on here who would be able to code it into a theme that you like as a bespoke job. Good luck