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Hello! You may have noticed I’m to a guy who like to complain about things :)
But the past days here was really frustrating …
Fisrt I’ve a got a rejection in my flyer saying the GR already have a lot of similar items. That’s ok then, so I need to design other thing :)
So I designed this greeting card:


And I’ve got this on the rejection e-mail:

=== Why We’ve Declined Your Submission ===

1) Unfortunately the quality of your item is not up to our standards.

2) You will need to put more work into the quality of the graphics.

- Important: Improvements or fixes MUST be made to the above described areas before resubmitting. Resubmitting without making any of the requested changes violates our policy and repeated attempts may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of authorship rights.

Yeah just two ‘helpful’ lines.
Ok, Any idea of the mean of this message?
I’m not sure if the reviewer means the aesthetics of the design or the quality (resolution) of the graphic elements.

I know I can ask support, but wait 4 days to get a response isn’t very nice :)

Thx guys, any help will be great!

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Firstly! I admire your work and for me having to correct you would be silly, but oh! well, if I can help you out I will….

You may want to strengthen the snowflakes making them sharper and more whiter. You could also use stronger colors making it perhaps a night scene (real dark) as you will see on many nativity scenes etc..

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I have to agree with the others here. I think these are great!

Nitpicking and looking for things the reviewer might not have liked:

1) the crispness of the snowflakes as mentioned above 2) the contrast of the flakes on bright background 3) the contrast of the white text on the front of the second card. Maybe blurs too much into the flakes?

I honestly don’t know what he means when he says that you need to work on the graphics.

Sorry I can’t be of much help here, what I’m saying is pretty much stepping in the dark, too. maybe the reviewer could specify what exactly he means, I can only think it must be something to do with the flakes.

Good luck! There must be a way to get this accepted, There can’t be that much wrong with it.


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Thx a lot guys :D
I’ll try your suggestions and submit again!

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Sorry if any of this has already been said -

The sun and the sky gradient on the top one could be better. And the moon could have a bit more detail on the other one maybe. Make the snow more prominent in the top one. How about adding ornaments round the main text, like some holly leaves? Maybe make the trees a bit more vertical. :)

Good luck!

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Maybe you can give the trees some depht with the use of smart placed shadows.

And i like the cards to! Good job :)

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