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by_heath says

Quite frustrating. No explanation after months of late nights, trying to build something that’s both unique, and empowers users to be creative and build their own layouts with ease. I can understand being rejected and having to fine tune, but no explanation at all?

Can someone shed some light on what needs fixing please.

These are the 3 demos included with the theme:

Is it technical, creative, both?



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greenshady says

Aesthetically, it looks pretty good. So, surely it wasn’t something there. Also, the “flip” functionality is cool.

Of course, you have a ton of things that simply shouldn’t be in a theme (post types, shortcodes, etc.), but that seems to be praised rather than discouraged here on TF.

So, I’m guessing the rejection had something to do with the code itself. I’d need to see the code in order to tell you more about that.