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girlscancode says

Hi guys,

Here’s an odd request:

I have a client that wants me to design him a website using an image with a pig with butcher lines, kind of like this one (he is a restaurant owner and he wants us to use this symbol). The (funny) problem is that I clearly remember of a website with a beautiful design (might be responsive) that used this exact same symbol. This website was featured on many design galleries and was used as an example of beautiful design. I have an enormous gap of memory here, so I am asking you: can you remember what this website was? I need to look at it, to make sure I don’t involuntarily copy any idea from there, since this pig thing isn’t a very common symbol!


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WebDesignFudge says

This is a very common symbol, you will find it in almost every butchery. It might be safer to design your own as this one’s very popular. But the specific one you showed is from Zazzle Post Cards. Hope this helps