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theflyingtinman says
thank you very much guys
Sorry if I sounded sarcastic. Just pointing you out in thr right direction. I learned how to use XML via googling the exact same thing i gave you in my first post:-)

Since this question was a brand new member’s first post on the forum don’t you think it’s more than likely that Christy found this forum by Googling for info on XML loading in Flash? Google would be a sad resource if every search result leads to a forum where someone like you answers with a LMGTFY link!

And whatever your rationalization after the fact, directing someone asking for information to a LMGTFY link IS condescending and sarcastic .. and made even more deliberately so by obscuring the actual URL in a Tinyurl redirect!

In any case making a post that implies that someone who can write Flash doesn’t know how to use Google is just plain obnoxious!