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uziiuzair says

Hey there everyone,

I’m not sure if I am allowed to do this or not, Since I believe this is a promotion. But well its related to development, so I think it would be allowed to some extent.
Well it is such that I recently started work on a project which I had been researching on for some time now, A Social Platform for musicians.

Since work is at very beginning I would not be able to tell many of the features but the key ones have been noted.
You can have a look at all of them at: [link removed]

The reason I have written all this is for 2 reasons, Global promotion, and I need a bit of funding :p (which i am not really great at asking for :p )

Please support me in this process, I would be starting on a small scale, You can support me by either:
  • Donation: [link removed]
  • Liking facebook: [link removed]

Thanks :)

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sevenspark Volunteer moderator says

Someone already flagged this, but as you know, self-promotion is not allowed. Doubly so when you’re asking for money

Best of luck with your endeavors, but this just isn’t the place to promote them :)

If you have something in the future that you think could benefit other marketplace members, just contact support first and run it by them – if it’s appropriate, they’ll give you permission to post in the forums.