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frogheart says

Ive been working with this code from this website : http://leandrovieira.com/projects/jquery/lightbox/

I got it to work on one of my pages, but not on the other. It works on this one: http://jessicajjohnston.com/jess_web_lb2.html

It doesn’t work on this one: http://jessicajjohnston.com/print/jess_web_print.html

Can anyone help me figure out why for the love of God?? I’m going insane & even my teacher doesn’t know what’s wrong. My eyes hurt.

Anyway any help would be so so SO greatly appreciated…

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CreatingDrew says
Ok, well to be honest your code is such a complete mess it is hard to look through but looking at your page (the one that won’t work) in firebug, I noticed your #gallery div is empty. #Table_01 is the table that holds all your images, so the code below would be a temporary fix:


I don’t know if you are planning on trying to sell this on ThemeForest or just looking for some help but you will probably want to start over with your code and not use a generator of any kind. You also should validate your page whenever you have any problems as this is the first step to finding issues: