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OurWebMedia says


I’m creating a website but I do not want the links to load new pages when clicked. Rather, I would prefer them to pop open a new window that is a specific size and background that has the remainder of that information in that box. Then the user can just close the box after reading that information.

Is this very difficult to do? Can someone maybe point me in a direction where I could learn how to do this?

Thanks, Bryce Wisekal

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Balron says


this can be done with some simple javascript. Google for javascript window.open, javascript popups etc. ;)

You can prepare your html page with all necessary styling and then load that page into javascript popup. (example how can it be done).

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Sitebase says

Maybe you can use my notify popup plugin. The advantage of using this javascript popups is that they won’t be block by a popup blocker.

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RobbyDesigns says
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celshader says

For a full html page I simple open the page in a new tab by using the ‘_blank’ target attribute of a link.

eg. http://pastie.org/608548

If it’s not a full page then you might consider ‘Greybox’


It’s like the popular lightbox scripts that people use to open full size images but supports html pages.

and greybox is not affected by popup blockers.