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vrayate says

I am looking for a template with 4 pages, preferably with Turquoise blue color. I want to add following content to the pages:

Page 1: MC

Find Motorcycle Rent Motorcycle About Membership Recent Wish List

Page 2: Search

Type ----Any Location-- Nationwide Make-----Yamaha Model--——Any Condition/Rating-- State---- City---

Page 3: Results

Picture 1 Description

Picture 2 Description

Picture 3 Description

Page 4: Details

Picture Contact Details Description

Please share your thoughts and if possible links to the template.

- Thanks,


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Bedros says

Opening three different threads will not help you more.

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Riderrr says

Hi, I’ve read your reply and first of all it seems too me that you are looking for something like that http://www.pptstar.com/powerpoint/search/blue/ Take your time and choose the one you think suites best to your presentation. Ofcourse you can look for some free templates, but in my opinion they won’t be that colourful and with that high quality. Enjoy!