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kimsinjin1 says


I’ve bought this template http://themeforest.net/item/magazon-advanced-responsive-wp-magazine-theme/full_screen_preview/4126729 and so far I am very pleased with it.

There is one aspect of the slider I could use some help with. If you look at the link (demo) above, you will notice the SLIDER has ‘round’ navigation dots on the bottom right corner.

No matter what I’ve tried and looked for, I can’t seem to make the ‘round’ dots appear on my slider http://www.allstarkievrealty.com/blog/luxury-apartment-for-sale-in-kiev/

If I could get that remedied, it would be fantastic!

I also have a question about thumbnails: Is there a way to use thumbnails (slider or featured image) without the actual image showing on the post? For instance, if I wanted to add another slider plugin to use for certain post… on the post a slider will show as well as the ‘featured image or slider’ used for the thumbnail – making the post look cluttered.



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Dzinc says

Hi Sinjin, welcome to ThemeForest, this is a general open forum.

For theme troubleshooting, you can interact directly with the author here. Please don’t forget to post with the account from which you’ve purchased the theme. Good luck!