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toubaandhugo says

I just purchased a theme entitled “nicole fashion” I am not sure how I go about bringing it up to work on it. Can anyone help me. I am learning all this from scratch but am very determined to figure it out. Thank you to anyone who can help me get started.


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DanyDuchaine says

Oh man.

Seriously, how are we suppose to help?

Think about it 2 seconds.

We don’t know this theme, we haven’t bought it, we don’t have the documentation.

How are we supposed to help?

You couldn’t give less informations even if you tried really hard. Even the title of your post doesn’t say anything except “HELP” ..

And then in your message you just say you want help but you don’t specify with what .. installation of WordPress? Installation of a WordPress Theme? Of the content? Of the options?

Seriously, you say you are determined to figure it out but it look like you just want other to give you all the answers.

Guys like you make me want to stop reading posts on the forum completely, it’s depressing.