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newgoof420 says

ok ive never used wordpress i watch the video the way you can check boxes and change thing s easy enough but how the hell do you get that to come up what program are u viewing that in installed eventure theme on my hosting account all the files come up php filese if i click any one opf them all it does is open file in dreamweaver and its just code there is no interface havent been able to get that interface its frustrating ive customized plenty of flash templates ok you open flash design the site in flash upload it easy this wordpress i must be reallyb missing something im a amatuer but i usually can figure things out easy enough but im hella stuck here is there a wordpress program i need i installed wordpress from the go daddy control panel and uploaded the eventure theme file to the themes file through smart ftp thats as far as i can get hella stuck tell me what to do

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ChapterThemes says

using a dot or a comma once in a while would really help getting your message a bit clearer :)

I see you refering to a theme, you should contact the theme author when having problems with the theme.

To use a theme you should first install WordPress, which you can get from http://wordpress.org/ . Then you can upload en activate the theme in Wordpress and use the theme with all it’s options.