Hey guys hey guys guess what.........I just won a contest. I need some help.

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Good Job!

I’ve never won a 99Designs contest. I would love to win one contest! Wich is your account?

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Hey guys thank you for everything. And i am sorry i am late to reply. Because i was preparing my file. Dzinc , Pandebus and bedesignful thank you for giving me valuable suggestion i found what i need. bedesignful yes i have a link but problem….. InterantMedia it’s a very simple logo but link problem….. All_Wall_Styles if you have a account in 99design.com then you will find me and others also just go to the recent wining designer list then you will see my avatar same as here this is the only way to see my logo now i am sorry. But i will give that link when my link problem solved. Raincutter what bedesignful said really now i am going to sell my other logos in their logo store. SportTipsWorld Yeap….. you know 99designs and Envato marketplace are really great. We should respect them. Thank you.

@ Dzinc , Pandebus and bedesignful and others let me know am i going to the right direction or not…...after then i will handover my design.

here is my what i prepare….

1 AI file 1 EPS file 2 Psd file one PSD file is completely shape layer. 425×277 size and 72 resolution. 2 PDF file . 5 transparent PNG file 64×64,128×128,256×256,512×512,1024×1024. And 5 JPEG file same size. ooooo and help file.

I think i am going to the right direction am i ? Please reply. Thank you guys. I am so pleased to having a forum like this. :) :)

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^I think all those formats are pretty enough, nice work. Sometimes making a corporate identity package i’ve include a Power Point file with the logo inside in vector format (depending on your PPT version you can even copy/paste from illustrator, or just try to import some vector format like eps). It sounds not very proffesional (including a MSppt file, i mean), but it ended up being quite useful for the clients. Anyway, they can always import the transparent png file, with same results. The vector format inside the PPT is better if they finally print the presentations.

Also a little advice. Place a exhaustive readme.txt file inside the package with instructions about which file they must use in each situation. For prof-print always vector EPS -AI, for email attachment… etc. I think ALL of my clients has sent a wrong file type to press and finally the press call you asking for the correct archive. It will avoid future wastes of your time, believe me.

Hope this helps!