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jeffeatworld says

i dont know if its my monitor but the page background is different tot he main header background.

I actually like this temlate – I’d change the page headings though, like the little box thing – you can keep it in there but give it some padding.

Someone else has mentioned the navigation – consider having that a fair chunk smaller and play around with some different stles – underlined is not always good enough these days, experiencemetn with putting a background to the links, hover effects and that sort of thing.

I didn’t even try it in IE6 and it’s not essential, bt it wilil help your cause.

Finally, you need to add in more html element stylings – have a page with form fields, headings, paragraph texts and a table – these things are really handy for a buyer.

Oh and 2-3 colour schemes would go down nicely.

It’s good though, the the lightbox thing is pretty nifty.

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al_m473 says

in IE7 the Portfolio page has menu stepdown in the content, the 3 columns are at different heights from the top, doubt if that is the effect you are trying to achieve


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amysmith says

I think the elements included are not enough. you should add more. but I like your background, simple and nice.

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freshid says
Hi admiridon, When you roll over the logo in the header, you are getting a 1 pixel border at the top appearing that is pushing your whole menu down a pixel.

I saw that too. The header image is not fully blending with the header background, I noticed also. I can see the borders. Aside from that, I thought the template looked great. I can’t imagine why it is not being accepted. I am having the same issues with trying to understand why a PSD template won’t be accepted, yet I am encouraged to spend the time making it into a site. I am afraid it will be continually rejected with no concrete reasons I can comprehend.

To be honest, I fear it’s because your color scheme is too unusual for them. Everything here is black, black, black. I love this muted palette – maybe they don’t like the burgundy button with the muted brown and teal. Who knows. Sigh….