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mike1812 says

i want to file a compliant about a theme i purchase that doesn’t look and work like the demo. how i can do that?

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cosmincotor says

Hi, before you contact envato support, try to contact the author of that theme, maybe he/she will be able to help you out :)

You can contact the author from his/her profile page.

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Dzinc Staff says

Hi mike, welcome to ThemeForest, I’m sorry to hear you are currently having trouble with a theme.

As cosmincotor kindly suggests above, have you tried contacting the author, and/or posting any/all issues in their dedicated support forum and/or item comments section? If not, please post the name of the item and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

In addition, please take a moment to read this article. If you need any further guidance, do open a support ticket and support staff will be sure to assist. Thanks for you patience and undertanding.