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chipree says

Hi, The question is directed mostly to envato admins.I’m going to be short on this one… If I made for example a really cool script (let’s say a slideshow). And I want to sell it on codecanyon but I also want to sell a theme that has that slideshow working in it, and I want both products to launch at the same time (maybe someone will buy it and implement it into his slideshow before me). Now.. maybe the script will not get approved or the theme will not get approved (because of some small things that must be modified)....

Is there a way to place the script or the theme on hold until the other product is accepted so they are both launched ?

Update: yeah. I know, I was not short…

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JeffreyWay says

As you’d be submitting to two different marketplaces, there wouldn’t really be a way to make them launch exactly at the same time – nor do I see a specific advantage to doing so. Most likely, they’d be reviewed and accepted/rejected within 24 hours of each other.