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snapmedia says

Do you think there would be a way to integrate a preference panel that would allow the logged-in user to permanently hide certain themes that they know they don’t like?

I am trolling through this site frequently for work and come across themes that I would never buy, but constantly get “duped” into looking at them again and again. It’d be nice to just check a box that says, “don’t show this theme to me again”.

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Smartik says

Interesting idea, but probaly you’‘ll have to wait a few years until Envato decide to include it. The best solution is to create an extension for your browser.
You can try to send a message to revaxarts maybe he can do it, or include in Dashboard Plus…

GL. :)

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tretlo says

+1 to this request! I have been wanting the same thing for a while. Or a pre-sales rating system that is associated with only my account.

When I see great themes I bookmark them, but similar to Snapmedia, I also see terrible themes and want to hide them or somehow rate them low so that I never see them again (like on Ok Cupid or other dating sites).

I spend a lot of $ on here and this would save me a lot of time. -a