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My name is JP, I am 48 years old, live in Northern California, and Speaka De English, LIKE A PRO! :)

I am a front end developer with experience in Web Design/Interface Design, One on One Training, Communication & Consulting, Lending a Hand & Service, Listening To Clients, and Taking the time to understand.

I am very proficient, (but will never claim to be an expert) in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, many Open Source Projects, Bootstrap, HTML Kickstart, Foundation, Wordpress, Tumblr, RespondCMS, Microweber CMS, E-Junkie, Github, Photoshop, and so much more.

I have been working with the public for most of my adult life. I am very proficient with customer relations, troubleshooting products sold on the Envato Marketplace, (including but not limited to) modifying, updating, installing and just about anything else that has to do with website design and development.

I am willing to offer my services to developers who don’t have time to support their Envato Marketplace items.

My hours of operation, are from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

If you would be interested in hiring me, please contact me and I will send you my Skype ID. We can talk in depth about what I can and cannot do for you.


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I’ve locked this thread as per our Community Guidelines on self-promotion.

Self promotion is not allowed on the Marketplace forums. For examples and clarification, see the section in the link above titled A Note on Self Promotion.

Thanks! :)