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Thank you so much for the theme, I have been playing around in it and I love it !

I am having some troubles though…sure it’s nothing for you as this is my first website experience. The theme is Heat and my domain is

1- My contact page google map disappeared… I tried to create a new page using the contact template. It worked well but the day after .. disappeared again…

2- I can’t get my tagline under the title on my home page

3- Also on my home page, I used portfolio list but random images are slightly overlapping. I made sure they are the same length but the problem stays. As I understood, the portfolio list is showing all the featured images of my portfolios. What is the maximum featured image size can be ?

4- Can I have a video as part of an image portfolio and can it play directly on my site without being redirected to vimeo ? I noticed also that video portfolio’s layout is different as the title is above the image instead of bellow like in the images portfolio.. is this normal ?

Thanks again ! Stephanie

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You should contact the author of the theme BUT you must sign in using the profile with which the theme was purchased so they can verify the account and purchase.