Hoping to create a wordpress videoblog theme for ThemeForest... Need advice.

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So, for the longest time I’ve been giving away designs for free. They weren’t as good as anything here on ThemeForest, but people seemed to like them. Then, I stumbled here and noticed how well designs sold – and that I could actually make some money. Well, with that in mind I opened up Photoshop and got to work. This is what I have so far:


The design is not yet done and I still have a lot to learn some things about coding in WordPress (like creating a theme options area in the control panel), but I hope to take my time with this theme and make it work.

I’m afraid that (if I do indeed sell this on ThemeForest) someone will find something wrong that I don’t know how to fix.

Any advice for someone starting out?

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well before you even submit it here, make sure you learn what you have to to implement into the theme. Then test it extensively. I recently got into building wordpress themes and so afr its been great. I made one and when it was finished. I extensively tested it like making certain things in posts and layout of stuff to see how it would affect it. If I come across an error in that process, I will fix it. But not always you’ll be able to spot something, but that’s why they are others. If they do come across an error or bug you can’t seem to fix. Ask for help in the forums. These marketplaces have wonderful communities of people that are willing to share their knowledge and help you to the best of their abilities.

hope this advice helps you out my friend.

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When you finish your wordpress theme download plugins and activate them to see if your theme is working fine. Add things to the sidebar to see if it works fine and so on. If you test/code properly then you will have nothing to worry about.