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joonkim310 says

[links removed]

Two issues with a template i purchased recently. Watied 30 days for some support. Was only replied too, and one of the issues was not corrected the right way. Half-assed job…. What should i do? Refund? Contest this on my credit card?

This might be my last purchase from Envato ever…..

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KingDog Envato team says

Hello. Sorry to hear your have difficulties with a file. I had to remove the links because we don’t allow the calling out of items or authors on the forums. While support is not a requirement, authors typically do a tremendous job helping out buyers on their own time and dime. Please be patient if an author needs to find time to reply to your request.

If the item is not working correctly from the download, please see this Knowledgebase article. Thanks!

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ThimPress says

Maybe you may need to double check the support quality from the author before purchasing the item. Lots of authors in Envato marketplaces offer great support service which is waiting for offering you top-notch support.