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claviusbase says

I’m currently trying to customize the EARTH theme to be used as a website for my son’s cub scout pack:


I’ve got most everything the way I want it so far, HOWEVER it won’t accept when I try to password protect a photo gallery page.

The parents of the pack would like to have a gallery to view photos of their scouts activities, but they don’t want them available for the whole web to see.

I was able to password protect our ROSTER page but that uses “Default Template” which seems to accept being password protected. Any of the Gallery templates do not.

So how do I do it? Any help or suggestions would be tremendously appreciated. Thank You!

(IF this is not where I should be posting this, please let me know the proper place to get help for this issue, thanks again!)

- Scott C.

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charlie4282 says

Best option is ask the author

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foxeysquirrel says

I purchased one to protect my art through wordpress.