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FashionFennec says

Hey everybody,

I have a question for those who enjoy collecting brushes/vectors/templates and files of all sorts…

I work in the fashion business and always download a good extra like brushes/vectors/templates etc. whenever I get my hands on something I could use in the future.

By now I have a pretty big “collection” of files and don’t have everything installed because otherwise my adobe librarys would explode.

Is there a possibility to keep a nice library of the files with a preview picture so I know what I have on my PC? If yes, how and with what software? How do you guys keep all your files organized?

I look forward to your replies :-)


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gbs says

I would recommend sorting them folders by folders, categories by categories – whatever you do it’s the only way to keep the collection clean on your system. I don’t export a preview picture for every single resource file. For vector, PSD files etc., I use Adobe Bridge which is quite handy in previewing. For brushes preview there are other 3rd party softwares like BrushPilot or abrMate that can help :).