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mzalewski says


I’m just wondering how long a standard Magento theme takes to build? I’m looking to hire a designer, but not sure budget would be required.

I know that there are a lot a variables to worry about, but can anyone experienced with Magento give me a rough idea for a basic quality theme?


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BenSheppard says

Depending on what you want I’ve worked on projects that have taken over 400 hours, but if you’re looking for a custom design with plugins and custom features you’ll be looking for upwards of 60 hours easy

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GravityDept says

Both of the numbers @BenSheppard posted are fair. It all depends on what is in/out of scope, how far you’re pushing the system, and how experienced/prepared you (and the designer/developer) are. Nothing will turn a 400 hour project into a 60 hour project, but you can always do the opposite.

If you’re looking for a basic quality theme, then you should be shopping on ThemeForest instead of for a designer. Custom design is totally separate. It’s impossible to compare them budget wise.