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asifnm7 says

It’s all relative guys As an example the salaries in china have risen 2 or 3 times what they were a few years ago due to the cost of living increasing – in china the monthly cost of all utilities (gas, electricity and water) is $40 and for the usa it is $196 for an average apartment. The consumer price index (cost of living) for Norway is 151, for india it is 33 so you can’t really expect the salaries in india to be the same as norway.

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dekciw says

In Lithuania minimal salary a year is about 3500 dollars and average about 8500 dollars. Of course, for programmers it’s probably bigger, but don’t know how much…
I’m from Lithuania!!

I’m from Lithuania, also :) never had a real job, but got some job offers for wp developer position. Refused them all. Why? Offers were like 900$/month, tops.

Also, my good friend works for an international company as a ruby developer. He just got promoted and earns like 1k$/month. You do the math.

Freelancing is the way to go here, in Lithuania.

Oh, and btw, gas in Lithuania costs like ~5.5$/gallon :)