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Alexhughes says

I personally think your looking at it wrong. If your really keen about setting up a strong review site and want the design to be perfect then you should be willing to put “1500000” hours into it, if thats how long it takes to be perfect.

Also, I agree with some of the comments which say about designs not being full up, I remember Jeffery mentioning in a tutorial on Nettuts “PSD to XHTML ” he highlights why Collis’s designs are so affective because of the spacing. I think this is a great tip when designing.

Also, try not to go all ad full. It is the most off putting feature on a site for me. Adverts everywhere which allot of sites have these days.

Oo yeah and of course the obvious – Remember that your making a review site which means the content will be rich so your design must be enables to hold this.

Hope i’ve helped a little.

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lawhater says

I was going for something like Techspot.com. It looks really similar to that. And I just stumbled upon it today. Now I have to work on a new design in order for me to not look like a copier….......