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I know Scott has written an (excellent) article on some things we can do as authors to promote ourselves online and we’ve been following the guidelines (created a website, starting to take part in the discussion forums, set up twitter etc.). However, how can we identify who is actually buying music from us / Audiojungle so we can do things like thank them, offer them stuff and notify them of new work?

Now we’re set up with a site and some social media channels, is it just a case of cold calling (yuk) a load of people like a salesman to try and entice viral production companies, film makers and maybe web developers etc. to buy our work? Or are there other online marketing strategies we should look into that are effective?

Just seems we’re reaching a point where we’ll be submitting as much relevant material to AJ as possible and hoping someone comes across it after we’ve tagged it etc…

Thanks for any pointers,