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amilproductions says

This is a very common thing for a videohive author. I worked in 2 project file, and i think, They were enough to get accepted in the market place. But got rejected, but the reasons i got, its not actually enough to improve the item. Now the question for everybody. Actually need tips.

1. How to avoid this kind of rejection? 2. If you get rejected what you do? 3. For a new potential author, where should we target first to get files going and accepted?

It would be great if you add more idea in this thread.


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AndrVlad says

If I get AE project rejected for me best way is to wait for few weeks or months. Usually in a time easier to separate your subjectivity and value own work as it is. So I usually get clear understaning why rejection happend.

Other way is to post youtube preview here http://videohive.net/forums/topic/item-discussion/32

I’m sure other authors will advise what is wrong and what to improve.

Good luck!

Best Regards, Andrey