How to deal with IE support when using css3 properties like 3d transform in a wordpress theme?

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thememassive says


I’m in the process of creating my first wordpress theme, and I want to use some of the many css3 features like transitions and 3d transforms, now these are only supported or partially supported in the most recent versions of IE. I’m going to use them anyway, since I see a lot of themes using them, but I need to know about all the things that I should or could do from thereon.

Should I mention it in the description of my theme that my theme doesn’t support IE, or what is the drill here?

Also can you tell me what you do about this problem in IE when creating your themes? Use respond.js or some other tool/library I should know about?

Please let me know about this, it would help a lot.

Thanks and regards.

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biyanpasau says

If I’m not mistaken, support for IE8 is still required. Better to use jQuery for this and don’t forget about the fallback.

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KrownThemes says
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wopethemes says

if ie is not support something , just make it other simple functions but must work (no bugs)