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is there any possible to get the pc capability infomation through fp? i look up the platform referrence,but all i can see is the Capabilitiey Class. but i also want to know the total memory ,cpu frequency ,like 4GB,3.0GHz,not the allocated memory by fp.

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I don’t think it’s possible with the web Flash Player. If it’s an AIR app you can try writing native extensions to get platform information.

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You can only find the use System Capabilities like flash version OS atc` but not from the actual data clock GHz atc` ,like Rim say native extensions is the solution but I never try it .Here is what you can find there is a few more .
•  trace("Capabilities.avHardwareDisable: "+Capabilities.avHardwareDisable);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasAccessibility: "+Capabilities.hasAccessibility);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasAudio: "+Capabilities.hasAudio);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasAudioEncoder: "+Capabilities.hasAudioEncoder);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasEmbeddedVideo: "+Capabilities.hasEmbeddedVideo);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasMP3: "+Capabilities.hasMP3);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasPrinting: "+Capabilities.hasPrinting);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasScreenBroadcast: "+Capabilities.hasScreenBroadcast);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasScreenPlayback: "+Capabilities.hasScreenPlayback);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasStreamingAudio: "+Capabilities.hasStreamingAudio);
•  trace("Capabilities.hasVideoEncoder: "+Capabilities.hasVideoEncoder);
•  trace("Capabilities.isDebugger: "+Capabilities.isDebugger);
•  trace("Capabilities.language: "+Capabilities.language);
•  trace("Capabilities.localFileReadDisable: "+Capabilities.localFileReadDisable);
•  trace("Capabilities.manufacturer: "+Capabilities.manufacturer);
•  trace("Capabilities.os: "+Capabilities.os);
•  trace("Capabilities.pixelAspectRatio: "+Capabilities.pixelAspectRatio);
•  trace("Capabilities.playerType: "+Capabilities.playerType);
•  trace("Capabilities.screenColor: "+Capabilities.screenColor);
•  trace("Capabilities.screenDPI: "+Capabilities.screenDPI);
•  trace("Capabilities.screenResolutionX: "+Capabilities.screenResolutionX);
•  trace("Capabilities.screenResolutionY: "+Capabilities.screenResolutionY);
•  trace("Capabilities.serverString: "+Capabilities.serverString);
•  trace("Capabilities.version: "+Capabilities.version);

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