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mackaymusic says

Test passed! Uploaded portfolio, there are 3 identical pictures, but with a different resolution. Then again, I want to upload, and throws me back to the test. Why? p.s. Can I upload photos in style “MATTE POINTING ”. thanks

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KingDog Staff says

Could you open up a Support ticket? Sounds to me like something is not working right :)

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angelina_dig says

Hello, and I have passed the Test for many times, but every time I do the Test, I must upload a photo straight.If I do the Test, and then don’t upload a photo, the Test will cancel like I never passed it and the next time I must do the test from the start! So I can’t understand what’s going on…mayby I could open up a Support ticket..

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Emdaduljs says

Good question, it helps for all if any Answered


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TanyDi says

I had similar problem but found the right way…

1. Pass the test , then immediately

2. Upload your portfolio

I think that the system doesn’t remember that you passed the test and if you want to upload your porfolio later you must pass the test again. But it’s important to receive after passing test the window with message to upload your portfolio in zip format.