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mattocmd says

I apologize that you might find this question to be a little off topic but I’m going to give it a try….

I have a travel website and I want to make maps of cities/small towns. Nothing too detailed just something that would help travelers find places of interest…

I know about google maps but I want to have my own maps that I own the copyright to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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nfr says

Well one idea is to rent an airplane (if you don’t own one :P) fly the area, take pictures and then simply draw the maps on top of the pictures.

Now seriously what’s wrong with google/yahoo maps?

If you really want something special you can contact the local administration, maybe they can supply with some maps. Though I can’t imagine why would you go that far.


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jonathan01 says

why not just take screens shots of your areas in google maps – then use this as a base to simply draw your own – just basically trace the roads etc from the google images – use your own colors / style etc.

Would seem like the obvious thing to do to me.

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Hein says

Try this Adobe Air application, works perfect. imgmap_desktop