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modernworldweb says

hi there. could someone please explain to me what the wordpress navigation menu tag is and how do i style it… i.e is this tag included in the header.php or what? I get the css part but could anyone explain to me how it fits all together?

Thank a lot :)

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ThemeBlvd says

I’m not familiar with a “wordpress navigation menu tag” , unless this is something new with Wordpress 3?

Or are you just asking how to output a menu of the wordpress pages?

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Fuel99 says

Im not sure understand what your question is either, please rephrase your question.

If you are asking where the menu is usually located then that will be inside header.php

You can surround your menu with any div that you like and style it up to your needs.

The menu pages are shown by

<?php wp_list_pages ('sort_column=menu_order&title_li='); ?>