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nicolas42 says


I have buy SideWinder and I have a little question :

I have only this for the moment : http://www.planete-nextgen.com/blog/

I would like to have a traditionnal blog like here : http://themes.mdnw.net/?theme=sidewinder (page templates—> traditionnal blog) when we clic on my links menu (exemple : wii u).

How to do this please ? I have only grids.

I have an other question, here : http://www.planete-nextgen.com/blog/ I don’t have my tags under the image (but on the theme configuration I have choose tags).

Someone could help me please ?

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DzincStudio says

Hi nicolas42, the appropriate support forum for this theme can be found here. Good Luck.

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MDNW says

^ Bingo ;) Hit us up over on our forum and we can help out! Brandon