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thorin_2 says

We are needing a theme for a web app that will present a remote directory listing to a user, allow the user to navigate to subdirectories and back to parent, see a transfer queue of file transfers in progress, and be able to search and sort the list results. We already have the logic in place but don’t have talented UI/UX on staff therefore our current view layer is pretty ugly. I can provide screenshots of what we have today and what we envision.

Some examples of what we like:

Google docs: Pros: minimalist design, flat design, simple to use Cons: inconsistent, not very elegant, doesn’t scale well (doesn’t handle long directory names, doesn’t handle long listings in an elegant fashion, transfer queue is sort of a 3rd class citizen).

iCloud’s Pages view: Pros: Super elegant design, gets rid of concept of “folders” for browsing (although uses containers to emulate folders), modern, similar to box/drop box but even less cluttered Cons: May not scale well with large listings (probably needs ability to switch between the minimalist elegant view to a more traditional tabular view). No formal transfer queue view.

The above is just an overview. We want to build a beautiful web transfer client interface that relies purely on JS and HTML5 for presentation. We already have logic in place for handling file transfers and other functional / CRUD operations, parsing JSON listings, etc. In other words we will do all the glueing together, but we need a theme or concept that takes us out of our current comfort zone and delights our web transfer client users (who range from moderate to pretty technical).

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westliferock03 says


I’m pretty interested. I’m currently working with a Domain management company for a a template too.

Towers Hosting

Please send me an email to sa_han47@yahoo.com