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ThemeShaper says

Hi, I am working on an HTML email template to match my latest HTML template, I have it working perfectly in almost all clients, some are proving stubborn.

Was wondering if I could get a little info about compatability, and the minimum requirements – which clients do the reviewers consider the minimum needed for acceptance? From Campaign Monitor I see the following (2009 tho):

27.77% Outlook 2000, 2003, Express

16.23% Hotmail

14.14% Yahoo! Mail

8.94% Outlook 2007

7.30% iPhone 3.0

5.74% Gmail

4.79% Apple Mail 3

3.36% Apple Mail 4

1.54% Apple Mail 2

Is this going to be good enough? (I assume it will, just want to check tho).

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revaxarts says

If you follow these guidelines your newsletter should be displayed well in 99% percent of all email clients.

If you did webdesign in the 90’s some things should look familiar to you ;)