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Hi guys, My template has been rejected twice (even after I made extensive changes in between), with the following email:

“The overall quality of your submission does not meet our aesthetic and technical requirements…”

I don’t get it, this is not helpful/specific in any way. So, I was just wondering whether this is some kind of regular bias routine for new authors, I mean like getting rejected a few times before accepting a newbies’ item. :) Just wondering. My template: Orbs – One Page Responsive HTML Template

Any suggestions. Please help.

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One page templates, i think there are way too many files already on TF and if your file does not exceed the ones already on there than guess what, well yes yours will not be approved. I said this many times. Everyone is beating a dead horse or if the horse is not dead it needs an army to revive it.

Try to do something original, different layout or something that will stand out, unique features.



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Validation errors, 18 second load time, poor use of colors, poor typography, lack of hierarchy and spacing needs work.