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oxscott says

hopefully this will help more than just me….

I am looking to download a nice clean professional looking HTML template that I can customize and update.

1. What programs do I download the template into? Frontpage? Expressions web?

2. Can i easily, with no coding knowledge, customize with my own graphics and text, as well as update?

Thank you again for the help, I’m very much a novice, but would like to be self sufficient in time.



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wppowered says

You can use Frontpage, Notepad, Dreamweaver etc all are capable of editing templates but some knowledge in HTML and CSS would be helpful.

For graphics, most of the templates PSD ’s come ready sliced up, meaning the graphics used in the template are cut and marked ready for you to edit.

I would suggest you get Adobe Photoshop or at least download a trial version, reason being all the templates graphics come as PSD format, also it’s good to learn how to use it. :)

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jonathan01 says

Greetings oxscott – welcome!

You will need to know the basics for editing the actual code of a template and possibly making it live (depending on the template if it’s all the pages you need in the download etc) – you can edit your html files in something as basic as notepad (windows) text.app (mac) – however you must ensure you are editing in PLAIN TEXT . If you want to make things easier on yourself I recommend that you invest in a code editing program – something like CODA (Mac) or Dreamweaver (win / Mac) – you do not need the latest version so if you can pick up an older version, that would work for you.

Like I said this is purely for editing the html / uploading the files to your server etc.

If all you want to do is alter a graphic here and there that is already in the design it’s super simple (as long as you have a program to create / edit graphics like photoshop or gimp etc) – find the image you want to change in the images folder supplied – open it – create your new graphic / add elements whatever to that file and save back as the same name in the same folder – upload to your server and because it’s the same name and file type / size you’re done.

If you want to radically change something in the design I would fully recommend contacting the author until your skill set is improved to a comfortable level – most template authors on here will help with little changes for a nominal costs – of course this depends on the authors availability and pricing etc.

I wish you all the very best and happy buying!

- On another note oxscott – you can download directly from adobe.com trial versions of dreamweaver / photoshop / creative suite for 30 days for free – that just may be enough to get done what you want at zero cost.

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oxscott says

Great! thank you very much for the help. I have limited experience with Front Page, but can hopefully edit in that program.

I also do have experience in Photoshop and will be able to customize graphics.

Is filezilla the a good option for just swapping out graphics/files?

Thank you again, in advance, for the assistance. I appreciate it!


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