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TomB1959 says

I click on the “Purchase” button, the screen goes gray with the word “Loading..” in the center, and there it sits for eternity.

Doesn’t exactly evoke confidence in the product being sold.

Google Chrome v36 on a Mac.

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KingDog Envato team says

The item seems to purchase fine for me. Have you tried clearing your browser cache or tried a different browser? Please open a Support ticket if you’re still having troubles after that. Thanks!

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TomB1959 says

“It seems to purchase fine for me”

That’s wonderful. Are you using Chrome v36 or Firefox v13 on a Mac?

Firebug reports a syntax error in the javascript console when the “Purchase” button is clicked. Apparently it’s fatal to Chrome v36 and Firefox v13.

Clear my browser cache? Nice try. The cache in Firefox on my Mac is cleared constantly as I use it for web development.

I had another issue with Chrome v36 using Shelfari.com yesterday while trying to view a book. The same page opened fine on another Mac (same network) that had Chrome v35. It also opened fine on an XP machine with Chrome v35.

I was able to complete a purchase on themeforest.net this afternoon using the XP machine with Chrome v35.

Time to dig in to the code KingDog. There’s a problem with your javascript that’s affecting the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. I don’t know if it’s only on Macs or not.

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jordan-lewis Envato team says

I click on the “Purchase” button, the screen goes gray with the word “Loading..” in the center, and there it sits for eternity.

Hi TomB1959,

The issue your describing sounds like something is going wrong with the Ajax request for the modal in your browser.

I’m running the same OS and browser versions as your self and have no troubles.

If you’re still experiencing this problem would you be able to check if there are any errors in the Dev Tools console or even the ‘Network’ -> ‘XHR’ tab and report them back here please?

Also could you also please check:
  • If the ‘Add to collection’ button / modal is broken too?
  • If any specific browser plugin could be interfering and causing this issue
As in the meantime, you can always disable Javascript in your browser and you should be able to complete the purchase.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this issue for you :-)


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TomB1959 says

Looking at XHR on the NET tab in Firebug does not reveal anything useful. A few requests appear then the page freezes at “loading…” and no more data is collected. No errors reported there.

Yes, the “Add to Collection” and “Add to Favorites” buttons are broken as well.

I’m seeing this in the Firefox Javascript console when I click Purchase>

Load denied by X-Frame-Options: https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js does not permit cross-origin framing.

Probably unrelated though.

Console in Firebug also reports the syntax error, similar to Chrome.

Yes, disabling Javascript in Firefox gets around the problem.

Firebug is the only plugin I have for Firefox. Disabling it does not fix the problem.

There’s this from Chrome Javascript console when I click Purchase>

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:14 jQuery.extend.globalEval vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:14 jQuery.fn.extend.domManip vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:15 jQuery.fn.extend.append vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:15 d.appendContent vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:22 e.extend.success vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:22 f vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:15 l.fireWith vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:15 S vendor_jquery2-024171b93b68ff47e4a50240a569cef3.js:16 (anonymous function)

Again, this only happens in Chrome v36 and Firefox v31 on my Mac machines inside the company network. Chrome v35 works fine in the same network on Macs or PCs. Watching the firewall logs shows the initial requests for the page when it’s loading but when the “Purchase” button is clicked, no new port 80 or 443 requests come from that machine being observed.

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