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xsoftweb says

HELLO PLEASE. I REALLY NEED TO BUY THE BRAINGUY CREATIVE BUSINESS THEME. Its been difficult for me as a Nigerian because Nigeria is not listed in the country list provided. CAN I GET ANY HELP PLEASE?

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greenline says

If it’s urgent, sometimes contacting Envato support via Twitter is fastest: https://twitter.com/envato

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Sablex says

I have been trying to make a deposit for a few days now, I have tried paying by PayPal Credit Card on multiple machines and browsers but I keep getting the same error message…

“We are sorry, we are experiencing temporary difficulties. Please try again later. If this error occurred while making a payment, avoid duplicate payments by checking your Account Overview before resending a payment.

For some browsers, this problem can be resolved by clearing or deleting cookies.

Message 3005”

Can anyone help please?