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EmilGuseinov says

If the pirates go against our rights, we will try to change the rules of the game.


For example, I have two flyers and I make of it a bundle. Soo, when reviewer accepted it, the pirates will buy new bundle for 8$. After that we delete item and put it again in the queue, modifying the preview and color flyers. Yes i know its crazy idea, but .. :D

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quickandeasy Volunteer moderator says

Hi Todik,

As per Forum Rules, posting any threads discussing or linking to piracy and/or warez sites is not allowed.

For now I am going to lock and remove this thread.

A note Piracy discussions in the forums

Please do not post any threads discussing or link to piracy and/or warez sites. These do more damage than good and will be locked or disabled.

Report any copyright, piracy, or warez violations to Envato Support , and see the Knowledgebase for info on Copyright Support.