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sauce001 says

Hello i’ve buyed 2 different templates from TF. I’m running 2 different VPS server from 2 different providers. I tested them on both and i fail to install them correctly.

First: They don’t want to install via zip upload (i uploaded only template zips not the whole packages). They’re installing only via FTP.

When i try to install them from the backend, i always get the “try to install again” error.

Second: I cant import any sample data from the demo content folders wich are in the zip files i dowloaded. After a minute or 2 i get an error (1 template internal 500 error and the 2nd theme is reporting that the import “failed”).

Is it a server side problem? What can i do to install those correctly? Im running in circles since 4 days now :/

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dedalx says

You need to encrease memory limits and script execution time limits for PHP configuration on your servers.