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callmeTom says

The company I started with has been in the process of building a new website for 8 months working with a freelance who was hired due to a personal connection, it is not working. The original scope was to convert the old site to Wordpress for easier content management there has been a level of scope creep by my company but the designer is also not producing respectable results. Anyways, I have stated I will coordinate any further progress so will be the sole contact, my knowledge is somewhat limited regarding WP and web design and technical jargon so please be willing to accommodate some and respond to expressed opinions and I would like you to have opinions as well.

Details: The designer created a custom theme for the new site, I am not sure if it was necessary we can either build from that or start over using a newly purchased and agreed upon theme. The only requirement is that is has the ability to have a ‘pop up’ location map/contact list and be dynamic, as in not fixed at 900px wide. You can visit the dev site here: goo.gl/ChtAF and see what I am referring to. The pop-up (not sure of what to call it) is launched by clicking ‘contact us’. Overall the layout of the site is fine but it is very unrefined in my opinion.

If you could please also list some of your previous work, I can contact you if you post your email as I am new here and did not see a PM system. Thanks

Edit: sorry did I post this in the wrong section? I can move it.

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Dzinc says

This thread is now in › Item Requests

No worries Tom, I’ve just moved it to the appropriate section. Thanks and good luck!

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jaidzer0 says

Hi Tom. Looks to me like a lot of work has been done. In my opinion a custom theme was certainly needed for your needs in that site. I would have probably built it with ExpressionEngine as it is much easier to create and manage sidebar navigation in sub-sections like you have on this site than it is in Wordpress.

I have done similar sites both ways, so I’m speaking from experience.

I agree that it doesn’t have a very polished or modern feel. It does feel corporate and professional, but it could use a few touches, especially with the “LightBox” effects (thats what the pop ups are called when the background goes dark).

As far as not being fixed at 900px, I am very experienced with “responsive” design. That is a design that adapts to any screen size, including looking good on mobile phones without having to zoom in.

I understand how frustrating “scope creep” can be and I’m sure you have spent a lot at this point and aren’t looking to spend another small fortune, but I will need to get a full picture of your needs and your budget before commiting to anything.

My name is George. I’m a F/T web developer at a digital agencey and I freelance on the site, mostly to help folks out in your type of situation.

You can email me here: george AT darklit.net . Also you can view a sort of digital resume here: devacbin.com/wp-content/uploads/resume . Just paste that into your browser bar.

I’d love to hear from you and get you taken care of. Thanks.

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sandra_2010 says

Hi Tom! I’m interested here. I can render our web experts to cater your needs. You can email me at sandramercado2010 [at] gmail [dot] com to discuss further. I’ll be glad to accommodate.

Looking forward on your response.


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The_Silverman says

Drop me an email if you still need help. Just use the contact form on my profile page. I could build you a great website. Thanks.

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digestwp says


I am a freelance web developer/designer and would be happy to work with you. Email me for a link to my portfolio!

Jay Stankiewicz digestwp@gmail.com
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imarts says


Please contact via profile page :)

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mamundesigner says


please you contact me ….

my email address is mamunrashid57@gmail.com

skype : mamun.rashid700

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julia_terno says

Hello Tom!

My name is Julia.

Unfortunately, it happens very often in internet, when unprofessional web designers can’t produce respectable results, irresponsible and can’t finish started work.

I am a proessional web designer / programmer / coder / flash developer / integrator. 14 years experience.

Please check my personal portfolio website and my company portfolio website and choose ME to get you a professional and qualified help:

My contacts: julia [at] terno.ru skype: julia_terno

Thank you!

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plushLion says

Hello Tom,

I took a look at your site and your codes, it looks like a simple fix,needs a bit of tweaking in the code to get to its optimal performance. Contact me today, I can finish/redesign your site in one week or less. Also, I can give you a good deal.

Experienced coder/programer: HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHO, MySQL, ASP.net, etc.