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KrownThemes says
Here is what i am talking about.


this is part of the xml from fotoflare.ca I meant the settings throught the xml.
That’s a system font. If you are want to use custom fonts(pixel or something else), you can’t change the font trough xml, because the font needs to be embedded, so you need to touch the flash file for this. :) Except for what michelsteege said :D

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Interavtive74 says

I know what you mean Flasher If the buyer want to use custom fonts other than the system fonts well then they have to embed the font they want to use. Which is not a big job.

I was just suggesting to tomez on what settings to include in the xml files. I think the more settings you have in the xml the easier is for the buyer to customize the template without editing the fla.

Most of our costumers have very little or no idea on what flash is so this is why we add every possible settings through the xml.

I was just trying to give him ideas to better his sales.

Have a good one.